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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Review: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

As my unhealthy relationship with Sprint and Blackberry comes closer to finally being dissolved (my contract ends in June) due to poor customer service and performance, I’m faced with the overwhelming decision with trying to decide what device I should get as my next phone. Up until this point I had my heart set on [...]

12 Great Google Chrome Extensions

I recently got into a discussion with an avid Firefox user seeking other web browser alternatives. Listening to their complaints reminded me of why I stopped using Firefox. I made the switch to Google Chrome a long time ago because it’s faster, more secure and I love the extensions that are available to make your [...]

What is your vision?

Source: via LaTosha on Pinterest We’re into the second week of a new year and I’m sure you are doing your best to stay on track to achieving your goal(s). Last year, I learned a lot of lessons that I am on the quest to master. In addition to these lessons, I decided to [...]

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